Wednesday, March 21, 2012

RZA may not be an internationalist...or I could just be a moron

"Now you're bein' persecuted by that universal court court court..."

RZA, you'll remember, spat that shit on "Sunshower," one of those 9-minute tracks that remind you why he's the best hip hop artist on the planet.

Funny though, the line got me thinking. You can see it as an indictment of the Hague, if you're a fuckin' literal minded numbskull like me.

Granted, I know RZA had a rough time with county prosecutors in Babylon as a younger man, and that's probably what he's getting at with the line. But once he throws "universal" in there you start thinking bigger. That is, you start to pigeon hole the man into whatever absurd political context is confronting us in the moment.

And this must never be done with Bobby Digital. Fucketh not with inspired content. Not ever.

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