Friday, September 7, 2012

Inspire me, mothafucka

Raekown said last year that 36 Chambers "inspired" a lot of people, and it didn't sound like he meant creatively. Sounded like he meant, "this shit makes a lot of everyday people wanna go out and take on the day." To a degree, maybe. But if that was really what he meant, I think he could be reachin' a little. I mean, top 5 rap album, no doubt. Maybe even top 3 (Forever's the undisputed champ, so don't even start with that shit). But a Rocky theme that kept the motor runnin' for John Q. Public? I dunno. Maybe shouting bring the mothafuckin' ruckus on a continuous loop helped bus drivers, school teachers, and i-bankers stay sane and true to the people they love. Or maybe it just made you feel like a fuckin' bad ass. Like Rae or some shit.

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