Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Party politics

Read a handy Pandora primer the other day that said Killah Priest and some other Wu satellite cat formed Black Market Militia -- a satellite crew within a satellite crew -- after hitting it off at an industry function; believe it was a Source party. Good to know that when you put in a bullshit appearance for purely political reasons, some genuinely good shit can come of it. 'Cause I heard a couple Black Market tracks the other day and was like, "Yo, imaginary friends, peep this shit. Some under-the-radar NY vintage mid-90s shit right here that went completely by the boards. Hard as fuck!" And Killah Priest prolly thought he was just meeting a professional obligation when he attended that party -- he prolly wanted to go to the hipster poetry reading that night at Pete's Candy Store instead. Low and behold, he ended up meeting a collaborator. How fuckin' serendipitous. Nah mean? Fuck.

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